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How Do You Think This Video Ends?

Guy climbs to the top of a scaffolding and what happens next WON'T surprise you!

His Reaction Is Priceless

Man tries breaking bulletproof glass in a museum. He finally breaks it!!!

Atlas V Rocket Exhaust Mistaken For Ufo.

Social media freaked out when they thought a UFO or missile launch happened in Miami. Nope.

Girls Dont Want A Tranny Boy In Their Bathroom

Missouri people protesting Lila Perry, a transgender boy, to keep HIM out of HER bathrooms.

The King Cannot Outrun The Taser

Cop tases guy with a beer and a Burger King crown!

The Rubber Duck Nightmare

One duck may seem harmless, but many ducks are a nightmare

Cops Find Canadian Unicorn Armed With Knife

Canadian police found a unicorn chasing a man with a knife. Hilarity ensued.

Ky Clerk Doesn't Like The Gays

KY clerk is claiming GOD won't let the gays marry. Should she be fired for this?

George Bush Could've Used Nukes After 9/11

Former President Bush had the option to nuke Afghanistan, but chose not to. What's your opinion?

Kanye Stupid As Usual And Kim Looks Like The Penguin

VMA 2015: Kanye West an idiot and Kim Kardashian looks a like Danny Devito Penguin.

White Supremacist Found Guilty, Throws Up Nazi Salute.

Broham doesn't give one F, he's guilty and throws up his salute.

A Crocodile Just Bit Another Croc's Arm Off And Ate It

This video makes me nauseous watching a croc lose an arm and not even give one F.

50 Year Old Lady Robs 3 Banks In 30 Minutes!

How did this middle aged looking woman manage to get to three banks in under 30 minutes!?

Cnn Reporter Sally Kohn Supports The Virginia Shooter

She recently Tweeted that the murder of two reporters was justified. This woman cannot be serious.

People In New York Have The Splits

They're just doing splits in the middle of everywhere. Nothing new in New York.

Tommy Sotomayor's Opinion Of Lazy Mothers Is Amazing

Calling out irresponsible moms who support worthless, fatherless kids instead of educating them and being a real mother.

Most Awkward School Photos

80s and 90s called, they want their awkward school pictures back.

Myriah Pointer Brutally Beaten Over A Cheeseburger

A girl was viciously beaten by three girls when she accidentally sat on a cheeseburger.

Couple Attacks Girl For Being In "wrong Hood"

Shocking video of a woman being violently attacked by a male/female couple.