Whomever popped this massive zit and didn't throw up is a hero.
Jason wants to make you a mother for $300. Would ya do it?
Katie Brown posted a picture of her doggy's mouth trapped shut by duct tape. The Internet lit on fire! Here's the pic.
The stupid is real this year! Look at these fools beating each other to save a dolla. Totally unacceptable and pointless behavior.
The shooting probably has NOTHING to do with an aborted fetus, and is NOT inside Planned Parenthood, but the media needs a good headline.
Brainless protesters causing a ruckus because they're idiots.
This is the ONLY job that I think is worth $15 minimum wage.
California girls with bad parents are trying to join the Boy Scouts. Have people gone full retard?
I finally went out on a Black Friday, to buy tupperware for leftover turkey, and what I saw shoppers do will not amaze you. (click bait, said no...
Lady makes bread from her crouch yeast. Would you take a bite?
Adam and Ralph kept trying, but no matter how many times they tried, neither would get pregnant.
They'd rather starve, get shot, or be hanged than go back to Iran.
Dartmouth's vice provost for student affairs should be marched out of her job and into a dumpster full of sperm whale organs. She's pitiful.
Thanksgiving is a time to be happy you're not picking chewed gum from the street for dinner. It's a time to give to others who are less fortunate....
OH LORT! DAT WHITE PROFESSOR SAID THE N WORD IN A GRADUATE CLASS! OH NO! These poor helpless ungrateful grad students couldn't handle an adult...
If this is art, then so is the time I poo'ed on the wall when I was 8, except this video is MUCH CREEPIER!!
Olivier de Sagazan's video starts normal, but goes through a very weird transformation that may give you nightmares. You've been warned.
Vermin may run for president and introduce a pony economy, because a pony economy is a stable economy.
Gregory Zavala, 23 and from Oklahoma, faces tons of charges after committing numerous heinous crimes against three girls.
Totally amateur ear extraction happens in middle of a party and has me feeling totally nauseated. LOOK AT THIS THING!!!