Security Camera Sees French Bulldog Scare Away Two Bears

This little pugly dog could've easily been a bear snack. But the bears got scared!

Cat Becomes Besties With Dinner

Mister Mouse was almost cat food, but Lala the Cat had other plans.

Canadian Breaks Into Home And Does What???

Guy breaks in and feeds the cats, lights a fire, writes in the owners journal. SO WEIRD!!!!

Mom Sues Netflix Over Daughter's "netflix And Chill"...

No one takes responsibility anymore. Always gotta be blaming something else!

Baby Born With No Skull Defies The Odds.

Baby Jaxon Buell was told he wouldn't make it to his first birthday, but he beat those odds and keeps going!

Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates

Do gun control advocates lack brain cells that prohibit them from comprehending the "criminal" lifestyle?


Donald Trump FTW.

Jon Hendren And Edward Snowhands

HLN host asks about Edward Snowden, but Jon Hendren answers about EDWARD SCISSORHANDS; host doesn't notice.

Umpqua Community College Shooting

Chaos broke loose with 13 dead in a college shooting.

Jen Selter Workout Makes Us Feel Lazy

I'm just sitting here eating pizza like derrrrrrp.

This Is How You Get Free Gas

Gas price doesn't matter when you do this.

23 Pics Of Miranda Kerr

This isn't the girl who married Seal.

Guy Caught Squirting His Fluids On Victims...again.

Warning - reading this could get you pregnant.

Pro Baseball Team Hires Woman Coach, Everyone Lols

Get ready for all the "YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL" jokes, because now they're true! Baseball is such a joke...

Katy Perry Finally Lives Up To Her Song!

Katy Perry fan can't keep her hands or lips to herself! ZOINKS!!

Russia Launches Airstrike In Syria

Russia is dropping bombs on Syria - Putin just made it rain.

Mom Murdered After Snap Chat Selfie With Gun

A young mom of two was murdered after taking a selfie while her boyfriend pointed a gun at her. This is NUTS.

Worldly Delicacies That Will Shock You

Indonesians burn cats and dogs alive, then serve them hot for dinner. Kinda weird, right?

Eye Patch Girl

She only has one picture with an eye patch, but that still makes her the pirate of the week.

George Zimmerman Tweeted Trayvon Martin's Body

George Zimmerman just blew up Twitter, you've got to see this.

Azealia Banks Compares Lgbt To The Kkk

She makes fun of LGBT, but she kinda looks like one, yeah?